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beck becomes a doctor



One Thursday night while sitting on his beanbag chair, Beck watches ER.  He is intrigued by the bloody surgery he sees and decides to go to medical school to become a doctor.

Beck receives his diploma and becomes a certified doctor!  He begins to prance around like a fairy.


He tosses his guitar out the window in his deliriously happy state.

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. gets a bad headache and goes to Dr. Hansen in hope of becoming well again.  Beck is excited to receive his first patient.

Beck decides to cut Roger open, thinking this may help get rid of his headache.  He puts Roger under heavy anesthesia and gets his special surgery ax.  For some odd reason, Roger's intestines pop out.


He doesn't seem to mind this though.  He watches his intestines pop out in a dazed wonder.  The anesthesia is very effective.

The surgery is successfully completed! Dr. Hansen observes his patient, who is a bit woozy...

Uh oh! Poor Roger faints from blood loss. He appears to be dying. Dr. Hansen sees this and asks, "Will you be paying cash or credit?"

So what is the moral of the story? Beck would make a very very very bad doctor/surgeon. Oh, but wouldn't it be funny if Beck WAS a doctor? Haha! I laugh.