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beck buys a car



One sunny day, Beck wakes up and suddenly realizes he doesn't have a car!  He decides to go out and buy one at "Justin's Used Auto."

Beck changes into his day clothes and sets out to "Justin's Used Auto" which is conveniently located down the street from his house.

Beck tells Justin he wants a car.  Justin immediately thinks of the car Beck would want, snaps his fingers, and says, "You got it!" Justin shows Beck their newest car, a beat up blue automobile called "The Sloth."  Beck thinks, "What the heck is that?"... ...but decides to buy the car to be nice to Justin.  Also, he isn't picky.  Beck uses his life savings to buy "The Sloth."

Beck attempts to drive off in his new car.  He brings Justin along so they can celebrate his purchase.  But nothing happens because Beck doesn't know how to drive.  And Justin lost to key.

Poor Beck bought a crappy car.  So the moral of the story is to not buy at any place called "Justin's Used Auto" and make sure that before you buy a car, it comes with a key.